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Heresy and revisonism presented as scientific fact

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October 25, 2008 07:18PM
Until very recently I have been a real fan of the History Channel's "The Naked Archaeologist," and Simcha Jacobovici. He's done for biblical archaeology )or so I thought) what Carl Sagan did for astronomy.

The last several episodes, however, don't seem scientific at all, but rather revisionist "opinion" which borders on heresy.

He has moved from the Hebrew Bible, to the New Testament.

Simcha becomes an apologist for a gnostic interpretation of Judas Iscariot;

Pontius Pilate is the real sole villain in the persecution and death of Christ;

Jesus' first and genuine disciples (Judeo Christians) followed James the Just. These followers Ebionites were the Essenes of Qumran; and

Therefore, Simon Peter and later Paul were really not floowers of Jesus, in light of James.

Is this some attempt to be controversial for the sake of ratings?

It's supposition on a scale of "Chariots of the Gods."

I expect much, much more from Simcha and History Channel.
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Heresy and revisonism presented as scientific fact

Boniface October 25, 2008 07:18PM