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Re: Why not an Orthodox Cable Station?

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August 18, 2006 02:45AM
Hi everyone,

I'm new to this forum. I am currently studying and researching the Orthodox faith as I am looking for a church that follows as closely as possible the early ante-Nicene Church. I just got a copy of all of the ecumenical council documents from 325 AD to 787 AD. I'm going to study them in-depth because I want to understand why the universal Church came to the teachings they did. I have been watching a lot of EWTN for the past month and a half, not that I wish to be Roman Catholic, but rather because between TBN and EWTN, EWTN is the at least attempting to incorporate the historicalness of Christianity. I so wish that the Orthodox church had a T.V. station like EWTN. I would hardly change the channel! I was watching EWTN one day and they said that the entire network began with Mother Angelica having approximately $200.00 and a vision(i.e. a dream) to do God's will in providing a place for people to go to hear the Catholic faith. However, I know that the Roman Catholic faith is not the true faith as they have added innovations to it. Please consider a regular T.V. station about Orthodoxy as it would certainly be a blessing and a beakon of light to those of us who are wondering in the darkness of this world. Many blessings to you in the Lord!

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