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Re: Calling to the Priesthood

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March 15, 2004 02:47AM
My word, Patrick! -- happy namesday for the 17th by the way! -- aren't there any Orthodox Christian seminaries nearby? If there are no Antiochian, there are: OCA,
St. Tikhon's in Pennsylvania and St. Vladimir's in New York; or Holy Cross, of the
Greek Orthodox Archdiocese in Massachusetts -- a personal friend I know, also a convert, is attending there -- and others as well. You needn't go to a State institution. In America, any seminary affiliated with the canonical Orthodox Churches under the SCOBA (which include the Antiochian, OCA, the Greek , and others) will do fine. And whichever jurisdiction you are ordained in would allow you to change to another jurisdiction should the need arise. I know another personal friend, a convert from Roman Catholicism, who has become an excellent Orthodox priest and did just that.
If you contact me I'll put you in touch with him and/or others who can guide you.
God's blessings on you and yours.
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