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Re: Calling to the Priesthood

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January 03, 2007 07:24AM
you know what pat... im 19* still searching for Gods calling , right now i did appl;y at the jesuit what i did right now Im tring to finish my schlooling here at Cotabato...Im testing myself ... if that would the the case I would returned and continue my vocation as a priest...hopefully ....just pray ..it rearlly works.....see u......

> I am a thirty four year old new born Orthodox
> Christian. I became aware of God's calling on my
> life to enter into the priesthood, before I knew
> about the Orthodox church. I was sure that God
> wanted me to be a priest in the Roman church, even
> though I was at the time an evangelical christian.
> Then I discovered Orthodoxy and was convinced that
> this is where God wanted me to be. My main
> concern, somthing that troubles me greatly, is
> that in order for me to enter into semenary, I
> must first earn a bachelors degree from the
> secular church, otherwise known as the Sate
> university. I am in the Antiochene church and our
> Bishop wants his priest hood to be educated. I am
> fully aware of the academic rigors of semenary,
> but I have recently been questioning the
> ligitimacy of sending ones sheep into the lions
> den of secular learning institutions. Where
> postmodern relevistism is being taught and a new
> morality is replacing the old Christian world view
> at a rapid pace.
> what I fear most about this is that I will have to
> sit in class and listen to professors teach people
> what I know is not true, and then I will have to
> write paper telling them what I think that they
> want to here, in order to make the grade. This
> will go against my concience and against my faith.
> I would have to lie, to my self and to the
> professors. For me to stand up and speak out the
> truth of Christ and his Church, lets say in a
> sociology class, would go over like a led balloon.
> I do not think that I am being paranoid or that my
> concern is unwarented. I spent a good deal of my
> life running with the devil, I now seek to live a
> life of repentance and service in His church. If
> anyone out there has any suggestions please reply.
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