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Re: Calling to the Priesthood

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September 30, 2007 12:33AM

If you need to obtain a bachelors degree in a secular insitution in order to follow your vocation of becomming an orthodox priest, then do so. If, for example, you had to "lie" in sociology class, then so be it, as long as the lie is not one that flatly denies the existence of our Lord. It sounds to me as though you may be afraid that secular teaching may rock your faith. If this is so, be aware that your faith shall be challenged for the rest of your life for we are all living in a secular age where professors in public schools no longer profess that Christ is Lord. This is your task to overcome. Peter the apostle denied Christ three times. Thomas did not believe in his ressurection. Surely, your trials will not be as great. Take heart, find strength, and do what needs to be done to fullfill your calling if it is an ernest one. Christ and our Lady Theotokos will be watching.

Take care, and good luck, allways

Ivo G.
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