January 29, 2002 07:54AM
Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory now and forever!

I suppose the "Archdiocese:Russian" topic in the forum implies the Orthodox Church in America. However, this somehow doesn't seem an appropriate title for this jurisdiction for 2 reasons: 1) The Orthodox Church in America consists of various ethnic member archdiocese, including Romanian, Albanian and Bugarian, implying ethnic diversity, not singularity, within the jurisdiction; 2) The Orthodox Church in America considers itself an Autocephalous church, not comprised of a single ethnic root, but instead encomapssing the "melting pot" nature of the land from which its name is derived. Although its autocephaly came from Moscow, since initially it was a Russian diocese, it nevertheless is recognized as an autocephalous church by multiple other churches, including Georgia and Poland.

Please list the Orthodox Church in America as a separate topic in the forum, not as a Russian Archdiocese that, as an official and canoncial entity, does not exist.

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Reader Alexander
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Rename "Archdiocese:Russian"

Reader Alexander January 29, 2002 07:54AM

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