February 15, 2002 06:35AM
Hi! I tried to email you a comment but it kept saying Access Denied so I am not sure if you received it. Please forgive the repetitiveness if it did get to you.

My comment/suggestion/observation--and I am a seeker/inquirer to Orthodoxy. I love your web site and am very thankful that you have it. But not all people who may visit your web site will be Christian and it surprises me that the Good News of Jesus Christ isn't available on your home page, a click here for some Good News or something to that nature, then the Good News of Christ written out so they may hear/read the Good News.

Just curious....it seems like a wonderful opportunity being missed.

Thank you again for all you time and this web site

God be with you,

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Click here

Shanna February 15, 2002 06:35AM

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Michael July 23, 2003 11:37AM