February 27, 2006 11:08PM
Hi Eric

Have you read Mother Angelica's Story? It more or less describes her trials and tribulations in trying to start EWTN. The cost was/is tremendously high.

What I'd love to see is an Orthodox program, perhaps like the Voice of Orthodoxy program produced by the Greek Orthodox Church of Canada. As I remember it (when I lived in Canada seven years ago), it was a half hour program that aired on Saturday afternoons and had a wonderful teaching series and a short homily by Bp Soterios. They were able to put their program on the Vision TV cable channel. Granted it's not as ambitious a project as yours (and I'd LOVE to have your idea become a reality) BUT it's probably far more do-able. I'm amazed that it's 2006 and still not a single Orthodox program on the television. We need to pray and be willing to give.
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