February 12, 2003 06:59PM

I was wondering if Orthodox TV has ever considered starting a full cable station like the Catholic church with EWTN, and the Protestant Churches with TBN. I know there are fewer Orthodox in the US to cause interest in this kind of station but it could be a huge witness for increasing the flow of converts into the Orthodox Church here in the US. Is this just not possible or could it be done? It think it would be vital to getting word out about Orthodoxy among the general consciousness of American society. I hope Orthodox TV will consider this. Perhaps all the archdiocese could fund it together and could be another symbolic step toward an American Orthodox church as well. I think it would be incredible if it could actually happen. I watch bits and pieces from both EWTN and TBN and always wish there was an Orthodox voice in that arena, to offer our perspective on the same issues and to show the beauty of Orthodoxy to those who may not even know of the Orthodox Church. It would also help Orthodox to learn more and more about their own Faith, which is so important in our world today. It would certainly show that we Orthodox in America are making a noise and changing things here. God bless.
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Why not an Orthodox Cable Station?

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