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Re: Jesus

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July 18, 2002 02:20PM
The entire Orthodox Faith, "the" original Christian Faith, the Church founded by Peter, Paul, Silas, Barnabas and the rest and still in existence... the Church that gave you the Bible through the first ecumenical councils in which the canon of Scripture was finally decided... of course the Church teaches that Jesus died for our sins and that mankind's salvation is achieved only through Jesus Christ. However, neither the Church nor the Scriptures teach the false, innovative and relatively recent Protestant notion that salvation is a one-time deal... a quick, "Lord, I'm sorry for my sins... forgive me and save me" prayer. Salvation according to the Church and the Scriptures is an ongoing, daily struggle in which man works in cooperation with the Lord... through our faith in His work of grace... a faith which is evident in the lives we lead and not just the words we speak, we are "being" saved. We do not presume to sit in the place of the Judge and say, "We ARE saved... period." That is not our perogative. He is the Judge, not us. He will do what is right in His eyes. We begin our journey of salvation as did all who were called in the Scriptures... through holy baptism. We are sealed with the Holy Spirit in our annointing (chrismation) and we continue throughout our lives to receive the Lord in holy communion, the reading of Scriptures and prayer. We worship Him in the divine liturgy and then we go forth from the temple to the liturgy of our daily lives in which we live for the Lord, share our faith through our words and actions and keep ourselves in spiritual check by constant confession of our sins.

Yes, we believe that Jesus died for our sins. We always have. Nothing has changed in the Orthodox Church. This was never up for re-negotiation as it has been among the thousands of Protestant denominations, some of which even question His divinity. This is "the" faith of Peter and Paul.
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