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Re: Peshitta

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January 21, 2003 02:20AM
The Peshitta is used by the Assyrian Church of the East. The Lamsa translation is not very well liked by many, and is considered 'New Age' by some. It seems to be related to the Nestorian Church. The Peshitto is the other Syriac version (West Syriac rather than East Syriac). The Orthodox Church really uses the Greek, though. Specifically, those called 'Byzantine text' or 'Majority text' which is the real Received text. For the Old Testament, this is the Septuagint commonly noted as LXX. Christ himself, and the Apostles quoted from the LXX (Greek OT)... and both would have spoken Aramaic *and* Greek. It is notable that the West Syriac and East Syriac are *not* the dialect Christ would have spoken, which would have been more like 'Christian Palestinian Aramaic' which today is only spoken in Maloula, Syria. There is the Shrine and Convent of St. Thekla, the disciple of St. Paul. It is under the Roum Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch (called Antiochian Archdiocese in the USA). Most likely the Peshitto would be the preferred text for study of the Scripture in Syriac, along with the Greek. Contact Balamand U. for more information on that, though.
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