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January 22, 2005 03:23PM
The Orthodox teaching and belief about the intercessory prayer is perfect. We believe that the departed ones are living with us and joining with us in our prayers and Church services and that is why the Orthodox Church dividing the Church at the center with the red carpet and that is the place where the departed are attending. The departed soles are living in eternal life and praying for us also. Thet is why we pray for the departed ones also. The Holy communion is attending the lioving and departed together.

The departed Saints are also praying at their eternal life and hence we are requesting their menrcy to pray for us. The Bible teaches us that if anyone falls in sick has to call the elders of the Church and make them to pray for the sick. This one of the basic of the Church. so the Saints are also the integral part of the Church. The orthodox has no concept as a believer ever have a death. No orthodox member is dying but they are departing. The departure is a transformation form the earthly body to the eternal spiritual life. The departure is the birth of the eternal life.

The st. Mary the mother of God and the Saints are listening and praying for us. Many miracles has happened with those intercessory prayers.

Charly V. Padanilam.
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