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Any one interested pls read the writings of Fr. George A Maloney (SJ) who is a Doctor of Eastern Theology and has served as editor of all Eastern rite articles for the New Catholic Encyclopedia. He has explained Eastern Orthodoxy and the Theosis of man as well as the immanent God in a way best suited for laity.. The site of the American Arcdeocese of the Greek Orthodox Church has pages on many aspects of the Faith and the Orthodox belief regarding them such as the Communion of Saints. I know that Ortodox way is The Way. Orthodox (Ortho Doxa) means right faith or right worship. Archbishop William Temple had said that only right worship can save the world. Participation in the Orthodox Worship is a divine experience. None of us can explain the experience in words. You have to taste and see, AS Jesus said to James & Andrew, Come and See! (John Ch 1:39)
I do not know the right & wrong of other religions, but I know that my Orthodox Faith has brought me to Jesus. He has not promised me an easy life, but He has promised to be with me throughout my life. My life is now an "abundant life'.
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