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Re: Death Question

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August 01, 2003 03:28PM
As far as I know, Orthodoxy does NOT teach soul sleep. When a person dies, his/her soul and body are rendered apart. The soul is brought before the Lord for temporal judgment and then assigned to either hades or heaven UNTIL the Lord returns to the earth at His glorious Second Coming. At that time the bodies of those who have died are reunited with their souls and those who are living are, along with the formerly deceased, brought before the Lord at the Final Judgment.

The judgment now rendered is final and complete... since the whole person is judged according to his actions (of faith and of works) while upon this earth. He is either assigned to the completed heaven or the finished hell for eternity. As far as what sort of judgment will be rendered and upon what is not entirely clear. We know that we must have faith in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior for it is only through Him and through His mercy that we will be saved. And while our works will not save us, as it were, we must give an account of all that we have done while in the body.

It is best, it seems to me, to bear in mind the following:

- we will die
- we will be judged
- we must have faith in Jesus Christ and in His finished work on the Cross for mankind... we must appropriate this through baptism, living in repentance, and living by faith which is demonstrated in the works we do and not so much by the words we say (since the two often do NOT go hand in hand)
- beyond this, we need not speculate
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