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changing the world

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October 08, 2003 11:11PM
Hello Y'all,

I have been reading a lot of orthodox books latley and have been contemplating much of eastern orthodox thought; thus, I have some more questions that have come up, and i hope that you all could help me out and answer them for me.

1. I have read the book "The law of God", which is russian orthodox. With that being said, I have noticed that there is a great stress on the eastern way of doing the sign of the cross as opposed to the western way. Isn't it being too dogmatic about how one does the sign of the cross (from the right to the left, rather than the left to the right).

2. To the average person here in america, it appears that there is little outreach and almost non existant evangelism in the orthodox church (with the exception of father peter gillquist and many antiochians). Some of the sermons i have listened to seem almost anti-evangelical. This seems contrary to the "great commission", and in my expericence, it makes orthodoxy look stagnant to the average person who knows nothing about orthodoxy.
Is my assesment of this correct, or not? If not, what is orthodoxy doing to reach out to the american public?

3. Given the fact that america is a western culture, why are there so few western rite orthodox churches. Wouldn't having more western rite churches help in bringing orthodoxy to the west? Just as the easterners don't want to loose their cultural heritage, neither do the westerners.

4. Are there any websites or books out there that talk about the miracles that have taken place in orthodoxy within the last 100-200 years. Are there miracles that genuinley take place in orthodoxy today? I have read about one in "the law of God".

5. Do all orthodx believe that you have to stand when you are praying at home?

6. The Roman Catholics charge that if there were to be a council held today by all of the Orthodox church, there would be a great rift between the Orthodox because there are major differences among the various national Orthodox churches.
Is there any truth to this claim? Would it be possible for a council to ever be held in the future?

7. What has Orthodoxy done as far as making a cultural change upon civilization. I know that you can see throughout history that countries where christianity spread have gotten better (human rights are better, people are more edjucated, ect...). I am curious as to what orthodoxy has done in that area. Are there any Orthodox versions of a "mother teresa".

8. What does orthodoxy do to resolve major differences between different orthodox churches. Such as, the jerusalem orthodox church and the antiochian orthodox church? Is there any final arbitrator that can settle these major differences?

These are just some questions that I have been pondering, and I am sincere about what I am asking. I don't mean to come off as though I'm being mean, I just need some genuine questions answered in considering orthodoxy.

I look forward to hearing from you all.
God bless
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