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Re: changing the world

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October 27, 2003 02:42PM
Whew! That's quite a work order you've given, Jake. To be truthful, I'm just not up to addressing all of your concerns. I think you should contact a priest and sit down with him to go over some of these items.

I'll try and answer a few questions.

1.The Orthodox sign of the Cross is theology put into a physical movement. It actually teaches us (and those who witness our signing) and it reminds us of important aspects of Christianity: namely that God is three Persons in One and that the Lord Jesus Christ has a dual nature: both divine and human. It also reminds us that we are giving over to Him our strength, our minds and our hearts.

2.Your assessment regarding Orthodox evangelism is partially correct. Much can and is beginning to be done regarding its failures in these areas. However, you must understand that Orthodox evangelism is colored by its history here in America. Orthodoxy arrived late and as such it assumed a defensive posture against the attacks of the Protestant and Catholic majority which ridiculed it. The sort of evangelism we see here in America (television, door to door to name but two) are foreign to Orthodoxy. Remember, the Orthodox Church is not two hundred, four hundred... even five hundred years old. It is two thousands years and counting. It has lasted, Jake... something many Protestant denominations would know nothing about. It has lasted in spite of continual attempts to snuff it out. And it has had a history of becoming the faith of the entire people to whom it was taken (i.e. Russia, Serbia, Greece). Thus it was not required to engage in the same sort of evangelism tactics as Americans are used to seeing. However, it is beginning to adapt to its new surroundings here in America but don't expect it to send out its people door to door. You'll discover that people frequently are drawn to the Church in miraculous ways.

5.Orthodox Christians stand when praying. That is the ancient way and that is the Orthodox way.

6. The Roman Catholic charge is both unjust and unwarranted. It is also untrue. We pray for an ecumenical council since there are many issues that need addressing. Will it come in our lifetime? Who can say? The Holy Spirit will bring it about when He determines and at His will not ours.

I think that is all I'm really up to. I wish you well in your spiritual journey.

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