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Re: changing the world

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February 25, 2004 04:35AM
I think that I can answer all of your questions with one reply:

You are looking to find out what is the Orthodox Church about. It is not about anything, except for providing a living body of God. We don't need to be united in our views. We don't need to be arbitrated by counsils. What holds are together is our faith, and the way we practice it. Our sermons are only about love. Our faith is to be discovered by each soul idividually. We stand when we pray, because the only thing one allowed to sacrifice to God is oneself.

Orthodoxy is very traditional and old. It is as old as a big oak tree, having deep roots in its history and its martyrs. But at the same time full of new green leaves and sound of the wind in its branches. It is a living and breathing church. We are all living and breathing beings, and each and everyone of us chooses to be noticed diferently. We choose to be noticed in silence and song, as God is the only audience we seek.

If the songs we sing resignate in your heart, come join us. If others do, join them. The right choice doesn't need a reason, as it hides in the awe of God.

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