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Re: Is Orthodoxy woth excommunication?

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March 30, 2005 05:54PM
Is it worth it, Michael? You're asking if the "pearl of great price" is worth it. The one who found that pearl was willing to sell all to procure it. The "things" you mentioned in your post regarding your "problems" with Catholicism are viewed differently in Orthodoxy. I won't go into this unless you need an explanation. Let me ask you a question:

What is your view of God? Is God looking for ways to damn you or ways to draw you into His Kingdom? Is God a vengeful Being or a God of Love? Supposing for a moment that your entrance into the Orthodox Church was wrong (which I firmly believe it isn't). Given the nature of your desire to follow God more perfectly... to save your eternal soul... would God then delight in damning you for eternity? The intent of your heart is all-important. Pray... follow the guidance you receive from the Spirit of God with obedience.

As for entering the Greek Church, I would advise the OCA or the Antiochian since both "tend" to be a bit easier on those who are converting.

Best wishes to you.

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Is Orthodoxy woth excommunication?

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