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Re: Is Orthodoxy woth excommunication?

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July 08, 2005 09:04PM
Michael, I joined the Orthodox church four years ago, after being raised traditionalist roman cat. my whole life. I was 36 married and raising a family of four children in the rc church. I was on many braods and parsih councils. You will need to educate yourself against the lies and threats of the roman church. A good book to start with is Two Paths by a Michael Whealton he is also a former rc. You will have to take it slowly but always keep your goal to find the Truth and you must find it, somelse can not find it for you. Every rc knowns the rc faith is full of holes but does not wish to find out the truth, just like the rest of the western reform church followers. The big problem I had was purgatory and the paralbe of the prodigal son. The son is forgiven a goes right into the house which in the parable is heaven, where is purgatory? Michael, the Church is Christ Body so why would Christ use fear to keep you in the church. Threats and fear are the tools of the evil one, Not Christ. You are studing, reading and thinking thoughts which that rc priest is to scared to even talk about. I also was cused out by my former rc priest. Keep following Christ and remeber Christ is The Way, The Truth and The Life. I was excommincated from Death and finally REBORN IN CHRIST IN HIS CHRUCH.
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Is Orthodoxy woth excommunication?

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Re: Is Orthodoxy woth excommunication?

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Re: Is Orthodoxy woth excommunication?

John ott July 08, 2005 09:04PM