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Re: 40-day post-partum seclusion

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September 28, 2005 05:15PM
No, women are not unclean. Many of these traditions have their roots in the Judaic laws. Remember... the Orthodox Church goes back to the beginning and in the beginning the Church was composed primarily of Jews who had come to believe in Jesus and their Messiah. Thus many of the traditions and customs related to their former Jewish beliefs. I should add that new mothers are not forbidden to set foot inside a church but they are encouraged to remain home for a period of time. Yes... it relates to this early Jewish law but why not look upon it as an opportunity to bond more completely with the newborn, to completely recover and to recognize that when these canons were enacted they also served to protect the mother and newborn since medicine was virtually in its infancy.
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40-day post-partum seclusion

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Re: 40-day post-partum seclusion

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Re: 40-day post-partum seclusion

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