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Re: Duties of an Orthodox priest

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October 16, 2003 11:05PM
I don't profess to be an expert however , I think he is to lead (you the parish) to
Christ by example. His duties must include the leadership and help of the parrish counsel , these people must be in comunion with the doctrines of the orthodox church, it may seem as if he is interfearing with the counsel, however he is the leader of your parish! On his part , he should have a talk with you all , what is his reason for saying you are spiritualy dead? Remember , he has been trained to run a parish , he must have his reasons for saying this to you, try to stand back and look at the situation from his point of veiw. If he is young, or older, what have his experiences been?? You all may have been going along merrily thinking you were o.k. with the way you were thinking and doing things not realizing your misgiuded concepts and views of church matters, I would suggest an open disgussion -no- fighting- with understanding of what a priest is to do in an established parrish. I hope for the sake of everyone you can work it out! God bless you all , it is hard work! deegee
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