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Re: Orthodox church uniting as one.

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January 19, 2006 05:16PM
I rather doubt it. Look how pathetic this board is for crying out loud. Seekers go unanswered for weeks on end. We argue among ourselves. And trust me... .this is a mild board compared to some of the forums/newsgroups and Orthodox boards online. I've been Orthodox a little over 15 years now and can honestly say in that time that I've been disappointed time and time again by the infighting, the arguing between jurisdictions, the coldness and alienation most converts feel by the unwelcoming attitude of the cradles, the coldness and lack of direction many priests give (in fact, I've yet to meet a priest whether online or in person who will steadfastly stand behind me and show me the love and care that most evangelical pastors have demonstrated in the churches of my youth).

Do I sound discouraged? You bet. My wife and I haven't been to church in months now and do you know... the priest couldn't care less. Not a single word from him. Of course, if we were wealthy folk, I've no doubt he would have called or visited by now. Can we unite you say? Not a chance in my view. Just too much ethnic rivalry, snobbery and jealous guarding of one's turf. Sad. This Church of our Lord's is so very sad.
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