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Re: larger image.

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December 13, 2002 02:09AM
Currently you may view the video in 50%, 100% and Full Screen.

You are correct, with the current OTV viewer, the 200% view is not available. This is due to the constraints of the size of the OTV Viewer.

I will put in a request to the development team to include a larger viewer in the next update of the OTV website.

One way to open the normal viewer which will allow for 200% viewing is the access the media files directly in this fashion:


In order to find the file name of the program you want to see, youll have to right click on the OTV Viewer Web Page (not the actual view window) and select View Source.

Then find the name of the .asx file. This requires a small bit of technical knowledge to accomplish, but is currently the only way to view files at 200%.

Most folks watch the videos in Full Screen.

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larger image.

kent December 13, 2002 01:10AM

Re: larger image.

Customer Service December 13, 2002 02:09AM