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Re: Why not an Orthodox Cable Station?

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February 10, 2006 04:17PM
Hello Brothers and Sisters of Orthodox America! I am so happy to see this Website but of course I just began using this computer. Thank God for 2006 and my circumstances. All is still new and I am still discovering your information. I also hope and pray that in the Future that we can have an Orthodox Cable Station. As our communities age our "Souls" yearn for the past. If our bodies and the weather etc. don't allow us to attend services then a cable station with weekly " worship" would be the definite answer! I am so tired of watching, Parsley, etc.............................The Catholic and Episcopalian services are fine but I am a converted, sold out, to the pit (ha ha), now living in Pittsfield Massachusetts, waiting for a Masters Degree in music, Orthodox Christian! I have three beautiful sons who are now questioning our faith as well as, " The Bible", Old Testament, New Testament and "Hebrew's"...., in ways as never before. I can't provide enough information to keep them whole, alerted to the world and its new way of viewing Christianity, friends, and negativity in this mixed up, confused, world.. Please Hurry with "OUR" Cable TV station and help us keep the Arabic Lanquage alive for our future childrens sake and for our heritage. Pray that I can someday visit the Middle East where my father and his uncle, " THE BISHOP", lived and prayed. Hopefully we can have Orthodox Tours to the Middle East and visit the the relics of the churches, and saints. That I have not heard of yet. Your Sister in Christ and His Cosmic Universe!
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Why not an Orthodox Cable Station?

Eric Iliff February 26, 2003 07:44PM

Re: Why not an Orthodox Cable Station?

Frieda Jane Akel February 10, 2006 04:17PM

Re: Why not an Orthodox Cable Station?

Father Butros M. Janho February 21, 2006 07:54PM