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Re: Can't view video of Bishop Basil

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September 24, 2001 02:42AM
In response to your email support question:

"The video of Biship Basil doesn't come up when I double click on it."

Here are a few of the possible problems and some solutions:

1) If you are using a 33k -56k modem to dial up to the Internet (instead of
DSL, Cable Internet, or some other form of high-speed access) then you will
need to use the link that says "Bishop BASIL interview 9/20/2001 (33k - 56k
Dialup Modems)"

2) If you continue to experience viewing problems, then your Internet
connection may be too slow to view online video, (which is the case in some
rural areas or other areas that cannot establish at least a 32k connection).
If this is the case, and you experience continual viewing problems, the you
will need to view the AUDIO ONLY version of the media using the link that
says, "Bishop BASIL interview 9/20/2001 (Audio Only)"

3) Be sure to click on the link ONLY ONCE, a double click will not work

4) When you click on the link, a small window should appear. Wait for a few
seconds (15-30 seconds) while the media loads, and then watch the program.
When you are finished, simply hit the "exit this window" button to close the
viewing window.

5) Lastly, if none of these solutions help out, be sure to download the
latest Microsoft Windows Media Player software from [windowsmedia.com] . This
will ensure that you have the latest drivers and software to view our media

In most cases, either the user's connection is too slow, or their Windows
Media Player requires an update.

Please let me know if this helps! Be sure to visit our help page at
[www.orthodox.tv]. Thanks.

Orthodox.tv Support

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Can't view video of Bishop Basil

Anastasia September 24, 2001 01:16AM

Re: Can't view video of Bishop Basil

Orthodox.TV Support Team September 24, 2001 02:42AM