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Discussion board "NEW" tags dont show

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November 11, 2001 05:25AM
I wondering what has happened to this site over the past few days. I used to be that only "new" posts were labelled as new. Now every day when I log into the page, ALL the posts are marked as new. It's very frustrating to have to mark them, day after day, as read only to find the following time I log in that all posts are again labelled as NEW. What is the problem? Is it in something I'm doing or not doing? Thanks.
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Discussion board "NEW" tags dont show

Yalta November 11, 2001 05:25AM

Re: Discussion board NEW tags dont show

Orthodox.TV Technical Support November 11, 2001 05:27AM

Re: Discussion board "NEW" tags dont show

yalta November 11, 2001 05:28AM