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Re: Discussion board NEW tags dont show

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November 11, 2001 05:27AM
Greetings Yalta,
I have checked the discussion board from three different computers and all seems to be working well with regards to the "new" tag.

The "new" tag works by placing a cookie on your computer that updates itself everytime you view a post as an aid to help you know which posts youve already personally read. Since it operates using cookie technology, the following limitations hold true:

1) if you view the discussion board from a different computer, the different computer will not know which posts you have/havent viewed. It will keep its own cookie.

2) your browser MUST have cookies and javascript enabled or this functionality won't work.

3) if you run a Disk Cleanup tool, empty your Temporary Internet Files or Cache, or delete your cookies folder this will dump your cookies. And start you over from scratch.

If this functionality WAS working and NOW is not, it is most definately that your computer is either running some kind of security software to disable cookies, or someone has deleted your cookies, deleted your temporary Internet files, or re-configured your computer to not store cookies.

Orthodox.TV Technical Support Team

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