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A Faith Fulfilled

Posted by Ron 
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A Faith Fulfilled
January 11, 2002 09:37PM
This is the first book review posted. I hope it meets all your standards. I have recently finished a book entitled "A Faith Fulfilled", Fr. Michael Harper, Conciliar Press Ben Lomand, CA, 1999 originally published in Great Britian. Recently the Roman Catholic Primate of Britian stated that Britian was coming under the influence of satan, rock music, and the new waive environmental movement. Christian was taking a back seat, a dying faith. How sad. This little book gives the primate some hope. The great Orthodox Church was alive and well in the British Isles until far past the separation of Rome from the Orthodox Church. It is starting a comeback 900 years later. These small but encouraging steps are bringing Christ back to this nation. These people worship in homes, in cemetery churches, off the beaten path. Yet their faith is winning new converts everyday. With the influx of Eastern European Orthodox, and the new Antiochian movement, Orthodoxy is now the thrid largest religious sect in England, and as of last month Ireland also. Read the book. It gives us all hope for not only Britian, but soon all of Europe.