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Re: the beginning of life

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February 25, 2002 10:46PM
I only want to point out something small. Forgive me if as a layman I do not answer very fully or well. You say that were in the early church we get this idea of conception and that people did not know until a women felt movement. I do not know the early church fathers very well yet because I am a new convert. The Earliest testimony is the Annunciation when the Holy Spirit came upon the Virgin. As soon as the Holy Spirt decends she is considered with God. Elizabeth greets Mary as already the Carrying the Messiah. Morning sickness can begin within days of becoming pregnant and implantation takes place usually within nine days. There is not much physical change in the child in the first nine days only more cells and larger. Are you going to say that it is not a human life when conceived but when a mother knows she is pregnant. You are on a slippery slope to say it starts at any other time other than at conception. Once conception takes place nothing is added to that life it only grows larger and its shape changes but we continue changing size and shape till the day we die.
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the beginning of life

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Re: the beginning of life

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Re: the beginning of life

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