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September 16, 2003 02:39PM

Lately, I have been troubled by acts of abortion and the so called "morning after pill". Reason: I am a practising pharmacist and one of the medications that we can dispense, written by a physician, are abortifacients. Some people will say that I shouldn't worry b/c the ultimate decision is made by the person seeking the abortifacient and the guilty conscience should lie with them, not the pharmacist. Others will say that the pharmacist is indirectly participating in the act of killing someone. I know that the orthodox church doesn't accept abortion and it is one of the ultimate sins. I understand that I have my religious obligations but I also have my work obligations. If I lie to the patient and tell them that I don't have the medication in stock, go somewhere else - then all I'm really doing is passing on the "potential" sin to another fellow pharmacist. Is this any better? In the end, the act will have occurred whether it was me or another pharmacist who dispensed the abortifacient. If a gun shop owner sells a gun to someone and that individual goes and kills another individual with that gun, is the gun shop owner partly at fault? I sometimes see it this way. I don't know what to think anymore. Comments anyone???
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OC September 16, 2003 02:39PM