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monks need prayers

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January 29, 2006 06:44AM
Dear in Christ: regardless if you are roca, antiochian orthodox, greek orthodox, russian orthodox, or old believer like ourselves, we ask you to remember: all are ORTHODOX and we all have the pearl of great price, THE TRUTH.

Bishop Daniel of ROCOR, he is old believer Bishop in union with ROCOR, Fr. Theodore Jurewicz, famous iconographer and Fr. Pimen of the Old Rite parish of Nativity of christ in Erie, Pa. are very well known to us, and they like us are old believers. We reside in ND and ask you to come to our aid. we seek your prayers as we pray for you. we are converts ourselves and at present time, we have launched a small website, and have only 7 items on to sell, but ask you to please go to: [www.oldbelieverskete.com] and as of now, our novice is working to get the pay pal and credit card button functioning and connected and to download much more product to the line....

We have run short of funds, so if you could pray for us and send a donation to help us, monthly , or a one time gift, it would be greatly appreciated, and if you are an owner of an orthodox web site, please, we ask you to put us as one of your links. Soon, the pay pal button will be connected, and within a week our whole range of religious items we are selling will be downloaded. We as monks must be self sufficient, last couple of years we sold candles to churches, but several of us are elderly, we have no hospitilization, had 2 heart attacks within 5 years, and now diabetes and one monk needs a new valve in his heart. no hospitilization, due to previous conditions, but we trust the Holy Theotokos to touch your heart to at least go to our site and look...presently as we said, we do not have much product on, but we do list our address....regardless of jurisdiction, as we said, we are all ORTHODOX. Please, we ask all who read to pray, and we trust the Holy Spirit of God , our God Bearing saints to touch your heart to come to our aid...we won't be on line for a while, not sure, our novice monks is setting this new website up, but we need your help right now....as time progresses, you will see page after page of products we will sell, but we need to ask for help now. Please link us, put us as a link also. May God Bless you for helping elderly monks who are sick and ill, but we never miss prayer for you and the world....we shall pray for you as you pray for us....email us anytime: oldbelieverskete@yahoo.com anytime you are in need of prayer, and know we shall daily, hourly lift you up to God. May the Lord Isus Christ, His all Pure Mother, and all God bearing and Light Illuminating Saints grace you....God Bless You . Stavrophore Monk Father John

Holy Nativity of the Theotokos Skete (monastery)
North Dakota oldbelieverskete@yahoo.com

webpage: [www.oldbelieverskete.com]
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monks need prayers

stavrophore Monk Father John January 29, 2006 06:44AM

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