February 25, 2003 05:19AM
Dear Brethren: Christ is in our midst. We are converts from Rome, in fact we were traditional roman catholics...Latin Tridentine Mass only. We converted to Old Believer..Russian Orthodox Old Rite. We find the orthodox TV such a Blessing, and even though we all may have divergent beliefs...we feel we have so much in common. What a Blessing to have orthodox tv. We are under the Bela Krinitsa Hierarchy..Metropolitan Leontij of Romania ..Our Hierarch in America is: + His Grace Archbishop Sofrony based out of Oregon. The other Hierarch of our Bela Krinitsa Hierarchy is: + Metropolitan Alipij of Moscow..Old believer Hierarch.

We do not have television, but our Spiritual Father does allow us computer and we can order videos of the lives of the saints. What a tremendous, grace filled
pearl of great price we have found and we thank our Christ God: Isus, the all pure Mother of God...the Theotokos (Bogoroditsa) and all Orthodox Saints..we extend our love to all of you our Brethren and please pray for us and know we daily will remember all of you in our prayers. If you go to Google: type in:
www.holynativityskete.org and you will come to our web site we are working on...

We love all the material on this orthodox tv...but what converted us more than anything was His Grace, but in terms of our conversion from a human writer..
we must say: Frank Schaeffer and his books. He does not compromise at all His new found Orthodox Faith and it is men of God like him and we believe his Grace filled writings that pierced our hearts by the Holy Spirit...believe me...Roman Catholic Traditionalists dedicated to the papacy and the Latin Mass do not just convert....Truth permeated our nous, our heart...would to God that more writers would God raise up today to convert all to the one and only true church:
The Holy Orthodox Church...Our love in Christ to all.

Stavrophore Monks: Fr. John Fr. Josif Fr. Matthew
Holy Nativity of the Mother of God Skete
Under the Omophor of + His Grace Archbishop Sofrony
Spiritual Father of the Skete: Fr. Porfiri Toran
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Old Believer convert from Rome

Stavrophore Monk: Fr. John February 25, 2003 05:19AM

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