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Re: Old Believer convert from Rome

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August 17, 2003 02:09AM
As an Orthodox Christian, I have visited a Tridentine Rite Roman church and found that particular one very impressive. Most noticable was the piety of the parishoners.
What we held in common was a common belief our priest should face God and not a human audience. The Mass was celebrated in Latin. This was very nice. I followed this liturgical drama in an English translation. I saw many structural similarities to the Orthodox Liturgy and most especially the Rite of St. James. This St. James Rite is more common to the Arabs and that, at Lent. St. Basil is normally celebrated.
Anyhow, I spoke with a few of the fellows who where members. They told me that they believed every pope from Paul VI (Impetus to Vatican II) to the present was a Mason intent upon destroying the Roman Church. the argument has some strength in that Vatican II has pretty much made these devout folks, (who were once common plase) into outsiders. Other than than, there's not a whole lot of evidence for this claim. Malichi Martin takes a middle road on the subject. See, "Jesuits, Betrayel of the Roman Catholic Church"
The only means for me to justify their continued commitment to a schismatic form of Roman communion was their solo scriptura approach to the Petrine Juridical Supremacy Dogma. Post Nicene Fathers are unwavering in their commitment to non interference by Rome. See 419 Carthage Synod or even St. Augustines Homily of June 29 on the Feast of the Holy Apostles. If anyone might want a copy of any document, please feel free to contact me at connorsmum@juno.com or by fax @ 978-556-9314 or by snail mail @ 301 Lake Street, Haverhill, Mass. 01832
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Old Believer convert from Rome

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Re: Old Believer convert from Rome

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Re: Old Believer convert from Rome

Danny Bramwell August 17, 2003 02:09AM