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Pentecostal With Questions

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October 04, 2004 09:46PM
I have begun a search into Orthodoxy, and in many ways have been blessed by the search. Coming to read the Desert Fathers; the Apostolic Fathers; writings of those who have gone before us have blessed me. John Chrysostom has left been amazed and feeling enlightened and challenged to move into a deeper walk with Christ. I would like to know another other converts from the less traditional Christian churches.

1. What steps does one take to inquire about Orthodoxy?
2. How is the effort toward reinstitution of female diaconates?
3. Are those from other Christian traditions welcomed in the services?
4. I have not seen many Afro-Americans in the fellowship, other than those
from the African continent. What missions/evangelistic thrust is
projected among Afro-Americans who are outside the covenant family?
5. What dialogue is put forth to continue to address the issue of women
and their role in the church?
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Pentecostal With Questions

Elder Helen Kelley October 04, 2004 09:46PM