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A Baptist with questions

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May 10, 2005 11:15PM
Hello All,

I have been interested in and reading a lot about the Orthodox Church. I have had many stumbling blocks but most have been answered in a satisfactory way. I still have my prejudices to anything that is Catholic but I am gradually overcoming most of these. Some of the things I have had trouble with are my longstanding belief in sola scriptura, sola gratia and a negative view of the veneration of saints, the veneration of icons, infant baptism and so forth.

The entire list above has been dwelt with though my reading but I have not seen anyone discuss taking a new name when one joins an Orthodox Church. Is this just common practice or is it a necessary tradition to become an Orthodox Christian?

Another problem I have in my quest is, there are no Orthodox Churches in my city. The nearest is about an hour away and in another community. I have always believed that one should be active in a church in one’s own community. Is the Roman Catholic Church an alternative in this case?

I have not attended an Orthodox Church and have never talked to a priest. I am not quite to that point in my search for the truth. I am a Southern Baptist Deacon and have been for many years. You can understand how difficult this will be when and if I decide to leave friends, family and the only Church I have ever known. None of them with the exception of my son will understand. It was hard for me when my son became an Episcopal. After learning of the problems within the Episcopal Church he has decided to become Orthodox. He has not yet joined the Orthodox Church but will soon. This has been a real awakening and shaking of my faith as I have been trying to learn what He is getting into. I am nearly convinced but not there yet.

Thanks for your answer,

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A Baptist with questions

Bry McClellan May 10, 2005 11:15PM