Church and Local Organization Pricing

Here's how it works:

  • Record a sermon, homily, message, or lecture up to 30 minutes on either Cassette Tape or Compact Disk.

  • Mail it to

  • will digitize the audio and encode it for the web.

  • will broadcast it on the web for 50 days to the public!

  • will provide a special link so that your webmaster can link to your audio clips from your website as well as a special section on the website just for your messages!

  • Your audience will be able to access archives of any messages over 50 days old through the website by signing up as a or subscriber.

  • Total Cost to you = only $25.00. That's only 50¢ per day!!!

This is a groundbreaking tool for mission and evangelism as well as a great service to parishioners. For only $25.00, you can broadcast your message to the world with

Put your sermons or radio program on the web with!















Put your church sermons, homilies, messages, or radio program on the web with!

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